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2021 Top 10 enterprises with the greatest investment potential of China Optical Communications will be released

The "2021 China Optical Communication's Most Investment Potential Enterprise Conference", sponsored by the well-known industry media Optical Fiber Online, the chord industry research center and co-sponsored by CIMC Digital Industrial Park, was held in Dongguan Songshan Lake CIMC Digital Industrial Park. The conference was held online and offline simultaneously. At the scene, more than 60 people from the optical communication industry and the investment community attended the conference, with more than 2000 online participants, far exceeding the organizers' planning and estimates. The list was only released, causing widespread concern in the industry. 


In his opening speech, Dr. Liu Zheng, founder of Optical Fiber Online, shared the theme of "plan and cycle". He said that in recent years, various uncertainties have increased, and the optical communication industry has also ushered in a new cycle. This release of enterprises with the most investment potential is also based on the experience accumulated by Optical Fiber Online over the years, helping industry enterprises to get better promotion in the new cycle.

Zhou Zhiping, a teacher from Peking University, was invited to deliver the first speech in the 2021 New Year, "Semiconductor Chip and Optical Communication Industry". Zhou said that on the one hand, the development of integrated circuit chips tends to be saturated; On the other hand, benefiting from the demand for broadband traffic from big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, optical advance and copper retreat have been extended to the chip. Silicon based optoelectronic chips can bring great advantages in computing power, energy consumption, cost, size and other aspects. They can not only be used in communication equipment, data centers, supercomputing centers, sensors, artificial intelligence, but also enter the consumer field. There is great potential in the future.


Tang Rui, the chief market analyst of the Harmony Industry Research Center, released the "2021 China Optical Communication's Most Investment Potential Enterprises Release". The list involves the listed enterprises, listed enterprises and non-listed enterprises with the most investment potential of China Optical Communication, the TOP10 list, and recommended the start-up enterprises. 

Top 10 listed companies with the most investment potential (32 enterprises in total):

Zhongji Xuchuang, Xinyisheng, Huagong Technology, Tianfu Communication, Bochuang Technology, Guangxun Technology, Yongding Shares, Hengtong Optoelectronics, Changfei Optical Fiber, Cambridge Technology.

Top 10 companies with the most investment potential to be listed (24 companies in total):

Liante Technology, Yuanjie Semiconductor, Yusheng Optoelectronics, Lingyunguang Group, Haiguang Xinchuang, Yiyuantong, Senson Semiconductor, Xunte Communication, Xinsijie, Galan Zhiyuan

Top 10 unlisted companies with the most investment potential (38 enterprises in total):

Hisense Broadband, Oulingke, Celer Optoelectronics, Yifeiyang, Guangchuang Lian, Junheng Technology, Hunting Intelligence, Dalian Youxun, Huaxin Semiconductor, Hengdong Communication.

2021 Startups worthy of attention:

Elfa, Suzhou Haolian, Bosheng Optoelectronics, Jiaxun Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Optics Valley, Wuhan Guangyu, Xinliansheng, Philippine Optics Technology, Ouyi Optoelectronics, Plexion.

It is understood that the selection of enterprises with the most investment potential of China Optical Communications will be conducted by the consultant team of the Harmony Industry Research Center from five dimensions of enterprise market growth, team plasticity, technical potential, monopoly maintenance ability, and geographical factors, involving 15 detailed rules, and the top ten will be selected through layer selection. However, this year, the latitude of valuation has been added to make the selection more valuable. The enterprises not listed on the list do not mean that they are not excellent, just because they belong to the category. For example, there are too many excellent enterprises among the enterprises to be listed, but because they are inferior to the top ten enterprises in terms of market capacity, competitor barriers, geographical factors, valuation, etc.

At the same time as the list was released, Tang Rui summarized the performance of the optical communication market in 2020. She first reviewed the optical communication industry in 2020 with a key word map, because the promotion of new infrastructure has brought 5G demand and caused inventory depletion. Due to the epidemic, the network traffic has increased significantly, and the demand for FTTx, data centers, and transmission networks is strong, resulting in extreme tension in the supply chain. Who has the capacity of wavelength division in the first half of the year makes people envious, and in the second half of the year, I'm glad that I don't have the production line of wavelength division in the second half.

In 2020, the field of optical communications has made great progress in the capital market. According to the statistics of the chord industry research center, there were about 20 mergers and acquisitions and equity acquisitions in the global optical communication market in 2020. Although the number was lower than that in 2019, the number of mergers and acquisitions of China's optical communication enterprises accounted for half.

In terms of investment and financing, the performance of China's optical communication enterprises is even more eye-catching. Among non-listed companies, there are 30 cases involving equity financing in 2020, with an investment amount of more than 3 billion yuan, which is the largest year in the history of China's optical communication market. Due to the strong demand for domestic substitution, the performance of many optoelectronic chip enterprises has grown rapidly and become the focus of equity investment. Among the listed companies, China's optical communication enterprises have 10 fixed increase cases, involving an additional issuance amount of 14 billion yuan, becoming the largest in history.

In 2020, there is a saying in the investment session that "don't look at the value, just look at the track". Obviously, optical communication is a very promising track in the investment field. The entire industrial chain of optical communication, optoelectronic chips, optical device modules and production equipment have obtained different degrees of financing and fixed increase in this year. It is believed that in 2020, both investors and entrepreneurs will feel the great influence of the capital market.

In the roadshow, there are four roadshows this time, which are:

Silicon optical chip project -- Beijing Aijie Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd;

VCSEL chip project -- Huaxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd;

RF connection, optoelectronic connection solution - Wuhan Superior Zhonglian Technology Co., Ltd;

Optical engine project - Shenzhen Xinliansheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

The four enterprises introduced their current situation from their teams, competitiveness, market prospects and other aspects to win the attention of on-site investors.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Liu Zheng, founder of Optical Fiber Online, said that the optical communication industry is still a promising industry, and we look forward to exploring more and more potential enterprises in this cycle. Optical fiber online collaborative chord production and research is also willing to shoulder the mission of helping optical communication enterprises grow faster and better. Looking forward to the new year, we will continue to cooperate with CIMC, and expect to organize a "road show of optical communication project" every quarter to grow together with more optical communication entrepreneurs and enterprises. We look forward to more surprises in the optical communication industry in 2021!




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